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Professional Piano Appraisals

Over the years we have done professional Piano Appraisals for insurance companies, donations, and estates. We do written appraisals covering all aspects from condition to current market values.

Always Inspect a Piano Before You Buy

If you are in the market for a Piano and a potential piano is found, we can inspect it for you and set a realistic price. An evaluation is essential for a seller and instills confidence for the buyer. Nothing is worse than buying a piano, paying for moving and having a tuner tell you "it can't be tuned" or it needs thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Piano Appraisal

Beware of Free Pianos

As a Piano Mover/technician I always recommend to client "have it inspected", you don't want surprises! A free piano is a "red flag". Someone wants to have an old piano removed by someone else. Once in a while you get lucky, have a technician tell you this. The best money you can spend is for an inspection and piano appraisal and can save you a big headache.

Next Steps...

Give us a call or email us. Advise is always given graciously by us to make the buying experience pleasant. The more informed you are, the better piano decision you can make!